About Us

Blockchain technology represents a major disruptor in a growing
number of industries and commercial environments.
XONE Blockchain Network is aiming towards the future in
implementing solutions that leverage blockchain today.
XONE represents an innovative solution designed specifically to offer
benefits for content providers, advertisers end users and the VoIP
industry by offering accountability for advertising spend.
With XONE’s blockchain solution, users are on the blockchain will be
able to share their user profile and preferences so that advertisers
can target them directly. Advertisers will be able to distribute
advertisements accurately to the right people, more efficiently and
cost effectively. Advertisers will be able to enhance user acquisition
and targeting, finding and retaining potential customers and
encouraging return users based on their behaviors and activities.
XONE will create a consolidated network offering revenue generation
for all partners, including end users, a quality branded experience
and more choice.

blockchain for a better & fairer social media network 

an incentivized interaction mechanism (social media mining) to encourage users to actively and frequently interact with XONE app.

hrough the gamification of social media XONE app, the mining process is triggered. User activity (creating or curating contents, etc.) and time spent, are rewarded with cryptocurrency, thus increase the stickiness and frequency of usage.


  • Bridge the gap between communication service providers to interconnect and share resources to increase profit margins.
  • For any product or service providers to participate the consortium platform to take advantage of the resources shared by all participants (blockchain nodes).

A Blockchain Social Media Network
by the People
of the People
for the People

— all in YOUR control —

A Social Media Mining Platform on Blockchain Network

Decentralized, Transparent, Incorruptible, Anonymous, Trustless & Smart Contract

XONE Business Model 

An Infinite Incentivized Ecosystem on Blockchain



  • Software development
  • Deploy smaller scale of telecom infrastructure interconnections
  • XONE mobile app prelaunch/pilot tests


  • Foxconn Group and Chinsan Electronic invested the company
  • Launched free phone call service for Taiwan users
  • Launched content marketing services
  • Preinstall XONE app on InFocus smartphone manufactured by Foxconn for pilot run.


  • Reached 700K downloads in Taiwan in 2 months
  • Reached 1 million downloads in Taiwan
  • Deploy worldwide telecom infrastructure interconnections with TATA Communications
  • Launched O2O service for 1,500+ retail stores and mobile payment in Taiwan


  • Reached 1.4 million downloads in Taiwan Launched “read contents to earn reward points”
  • Add mobile advertisement service
  • Users use rewarded points to make free phone calls
  • Users use rewarded points to redeem sponsored products/services

contact us: info@ConneXionONE.com