XONE 2.0

blockchain for a better & fairer social media network 

an incentivized interaction mechanism (social media mining) to encourage users to actively and frequently interact with XONE app.

through the gamification of social media XONE app, the mining process is triggered. User activity (creating or curating contents, etc.) and time spent, are rewarded with cryptocurrency, thus increase the stickiness and frequency of usage.


  • Bridge the gap between communication service providers to interconnect and share resources to increase profit margins.
  • For any product or service providers to participate the consortium platform to take advantage of the resources shared by all participants (blockchain nodes).

A Blockchain Social Media Network

by the People
of the People
for the People

— all in YOUR control —

A Social Media Mining Platform on Blockchain Network

Decentralized, Transparent, Incorruptible, Anonymous, Trustless & Smart Contract

XONE Business Model 

An Infinite Incentivized Ecosystem on Blockchain